oh, zephyr.

Oh, Zephyr is a sort of note book, a collection of found things that are of interest to me. Oh, Zephyr is run by Anna Kohlweis aka Squalloscope, formerly known as Paper Bird and maker of songs, music, music videos, poetry, comics, illustrations and other yessense and nonsense at annakohlweis.com

After you’ve been to bed together for the first time,
without the advantage or disadvantage of any prior acquaintance,
the other party very often says to you,
Tell me about yourself, I want to know all about you,
what’s your story?
And you think maybe they really and truly do

sincerely want to know your life story, and so you light up
a cigarette and begin to tell it to them, the two of you
lying together in completely relaxed positions
like a pair of rag dolls a bored child dropped on a bed.

You tell them your story, or as much of your story
as time or a fair degree of prudence allows, and they say,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
each time a little more faintly, until the oh
is just an audible breath, and then of course

there’s some interruption. Slow room service comes up
with a bowl of melting ice cubes, or one of you rises to pee
and gaze at himself with mild astonishment in the bathroom mirror.
And then, the first thing you know, before you’ve had time
to pick up where you left off with your enthralling life story,
they’re telling you their life story, exactly as they’d intended to all

and you’re saying, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
each time a little more faintly, the vowel at last becoming
no more than an audible sigh,
as the elevator, halfway down the corridor and a turn to the left,
draws one last, long, deep breath of exhaustion
and stops breathing forever. Then?

Well, one of you falls asleep
and the other one does likewise with a lighted cigarette in his mouth,
and that’s how people burn to death in hotel rooms.

Tennessee Williams, from “Life Story (via violentwavesofemotion)



for the video to “three minutes for a detuned diorama”, i asked people to create a portrait of a person who passed away, a person they knew, someone who was dear to their heart.
the process of receiving material mostly from strangers via email as well as my own process of filming people (mostly friends, but some of my participants i had just met) was at times almost overwhelming, in every case very touching, and resulted in wonderful hours of exchanging of stories, cups of coffee, bottles of wine, and moments of drifting off into the very dark places of the souls of humans who have lost someone.
i am very grateful that i had the opportunity to work with all of my participants, who came from all over the world (ana, angel, alex, denise, elvira, evelyna, franziska, jasmina, jean, julia, simone, sophia, tamara, and veronika.). thank you. it has been wonderful.

to pencils and paper, to clay and all our hands.

i rarely reblog my own things, but i am happy with this video and grateful for how wonderful the process of making it was. thank you again to all my participants.


Epictetus, his morals, with Simplicius, his comment, 1704.

WKR 9.2.1

Houghton Library, Harvard University

A double fore-edge painting, with the scene of Heliopolis visible when the book is fanned open in one direction, and the Bridge of the Euripus in the other.


Valencian Fisherwomen - Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

saw a lot of paintings of the sea by Sorolla today.


Valencian Fisherwomen - Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida


saw a lot of paintings of the sea by Sorolla today.


This is not a tasty gummy sweet but a Jewel Caterpillar found in Amazon Rainforest. They are covered with sticky goo-like, gellatinous tubercles that provides protection from its predator like ants until they metamorphosise into winged moths.

Edgar Oliver - Apron Strings of Savannah at The Moth, 2006

this is probably still my favorite The Moth performance ever.


Heather Cassils, Becoming An Image

"Becoming An Image is a new body of work consisting of a live performance, photographs, a sculpture and an audio piece. The performance is designed for the camera, specifically the act of being photographed. Taking place in a blacked out room, the only elements in the space are the audience, a photographer, the performer and a block of clay weighing 1500 pounds (around the same height and width of a body). In the darkness, I use my skills as a boxer/ MMA fighter to unleashing an assault where I literally beat the material, moulding the form. A “sculpting” process results on account of my blows. For the duration of this performance I am blind, as is the audience, as is the photographer. The only light source emitted comes from the flash mounted on the photographer’s camera. This burst of temporary light allows the audience to glimpse at suspended moments of the performance, much like a “live” photograph, burning this image into their retina, which leave ghost like traces. The act of photographing is the only way in which the performance is made visible.

Originally commissioned by the ONE Archives (the oldest active Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning (LGBTQ) organization in the United States.) Becoming an Image addressed LGBTQ archives and the “Ts” and “Qs” often missing from historical records, which exist outside of the lens. BAI brings forth the idea of accountability by directly address the role between artist and photographer. Additionally it calls into question the roles of the witness, the aggressor and documenter by building these challenges into the very act of the performance itself.”

-Heather Cassils

Photography: Eric Charles and Heather Cassils
Sound Design and Composer: France Jobin

this is so good.

i had the pleasure to visit the ONE archives on a trip to Los Angeles. it is a magic place of such importance.